Thursday, November 3, 2011

Why quilts, as art, in public spaces

Reasons other than raw beauty!
Dr. Layne McDaniels' quilts in Faculty Office at Appalachian State University
Art in public spaces always seems to generate comment. The very notion of the spaces being intended for general public use means the art needs to appeal to a variety of people and tastes.
Student Union, Appalachian State University
It is also important, in indoor spaces, to take lighting and acoustics into account.

Quilts offer color, texture and perceived comfort. Since they are textiles, they also absorb echos and add to a pleasant environment.

Lately, Barn Quilts have entered our delightful public experience as well. They highlight and celebrate the humble beginnings of traditional quilts, as well as drawing the eye to magnificent barns and landscapes.

Quilts, not just for beds anymore!

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Theodora quilts said...

Very nicely put,I like quilt blocks painted on barns ,it is really eye catching.