Monday, November 7, 2011

Free-Motion Quilting

When I got into quilting in 2007, I was determined to "do it all myself".
I did not have the $$$ to pay a long-arm quilter to finish for me. I was also drawn to the look of FMQ.

detail of "BowWow" 2009

I dove in. No lifejacket. No one around to teach me. Started free-motion quilting the tops I was finishing. (I am over 100 quilts now!)

Read everything I could get my hands on.
Kept doing it. Ripping out bad stitching (unsewing).

detail of "October Sunset" 2009

Kept sewing. Raced through simple piecing projects just to get to the FMQ.
Then, found a class in 2009. Learned some tricks, received confirmation on some of the tricks I had learned on my on.

detail of "PoppyWood" 2011 - KING SIZED
Kept reading and stitching.


detail of "Forest for the Trees" 2011

Started teaching others. (Love teaching!) Kept sewing.

Seems everyone has something they say you "should" do to be successful at FMQ.

 detail of "Scrappy Star" 2011 - Queen sized

Here's what I know for sure:

Everyone stitches differently, just like handwriting, your FMQ is unique.

Detail of FMQ practice - November 4, 2011

You must learn your machine, be comfortable making tension adjustments, and keeping it clean.
Nothing takes the place of practice.
Then more practice.

Detail of FMQ practice - November 4, 2011

Keep doing it, keep reading, take classes. You will get better! And I hope, you will grow to love the activity as much as I do! 

And feel free to email any questions or concerns to me. I will help you find the answers, and I will cheer you on!

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Sandra Kaye said...

Yes, practice , practice, practice..makes perfect. I decided long ago that my home sewing machine would do it all. So, all that needed to be done was starting. Thanks for the encouragement. We can did it ourselves. Hugs