Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I have been very bad.....

I visited Karen Gray Designs for the first time on Saturday.

It was a gorgeous autumn day, I had been running errands. Barnes & Noble, Michaels, JoAnn Fabrics. Checking out what was new and different, not looking for much, some new magazines. 

Ran into some of my TMQG peeps at JoAnn. (Hi Anya and Sarah!)

Sarah mentioned Karen Gray was having a sale.
Now, I was just on my way home, and as a drove near the Reynolda Road exit, I thought I would drop by, see if they were still open. Check it out.

Oh, boy, my first visit, but certainly not my last! I am already looking forward to may next visit!

A bright, cheerful shop. Karen was so nice and friendly! And yes, a SERIOUS sale on excellent fabrics!

And I bought stuff:

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Angie said...

Karen's sales are dangerous to my wallet. You should see the stack of fabric I came home with from Flaunt - 20+ yards of fabric and an entire Prince Charming FQ set. Oy!