Tuesday, October 25, 2011

stuff I have been doing while I wasn't here

Well the faithful Dell was retired (disconnected,to be donated to Goodwill) and I contributed to the economy by purchasing 2 new laptops, 1 for me, 1 for the hubs. I still need to load my Photoshop Elements software and my Wacom tablet, but I have been rather busy making quilts! Yes, I seam (heheheh) to have gotten my quilting groove back!
I completed the quilting of "Sargasso" (king-sized Radiant Star) on my Mom's long arm this past weekend. I am now in the process of hand-sewing the binding.
I have completed the quilting (on my DSM) of "Phases" (an art quilt) but haven't cut the binding yet. I have also completed the piecing, basted and started quilting on "Shortcake" a donation quilt for my office's United Fund campaign. I still need to add my border to "Nature 1" which is an Asian-inspired wall quilt then baste + quilt.
Sorry for the lack of photos, I also need to hook to my external hard drive and download from my camera! But quite frankly, I would rather be quilting than do all this tech stuff!

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