Monday, October 10, 2011

Finding inspiration

Last week I was in New York for a week-long project with my company. For the past 3 years, we have gathered to research, discuss and discern what we see as trends to create a presentation for our customers. Part of this activity is to visit exhibits for inspiration. 
This lead me to ponder inspiration. Where we find it, what we do with it.
Not all inspiration is direct, that is, I see lots of blue, therefore I use lots of blue. Some inspiration is indirect and that is what I want to discuss.
One of the exhibits we visited was an exhibition of Nick Cave's Soundsuits at the Jack Shainman Gallery.
Upon first glance, some might think this is a strange inspiration for a quilter.
But look closer, at the details. The ideas behind this art is profound, and the execution is flawless. Thousands, upon thousands of matched buttons, hand sewn onto each suit. Shades flowing into shade. Different thread colors grouped together. Yarn sewn into bunny-suits. 

Permission to photograph was granted at gallery

How does this inspire me? Well, it inspires me to think big, and to be fearless. It inspires me to create from the gut, not worrying about how others interpret my work. It really inspires me to put the ideas that have lingered on the edge of my consciousness into fabric form.

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