Friday, October 14, 2011

Neap Tide - completed!

When life gives you scraps, because you made a mistake, use them to make a quilt!

The heap of mis-sewn and mis-cut fabrics that broke my spirit were conquered and became this!
Why do scraps liberate me? Why will I take chances with them? How can I apply this freedom to all my quilt-making?


MariQuilts said...

The quilting is amazing....also I know what you mean about the scraps.

Superior Threads said...

What a great quilt. Thank you for the inspiration. Maybe my next mistake will turn out beautiful too.

Theodora quilts said...

Hi there kheli I had taken a break from blogging,I love your quilting it looks like you do it with such ease I wish I could maybe your machine helps a bit what machine do ;you have ? does it have a crooze control?? I just have an old one that has a free motion and my stiches don't come out so good some are long and some very short,but I love your stitches and you quilt .xoxo theodora

Angie said...

Oh, the picture just doesn't give this one's so stunningly breathtaking in person! Your quilting is divine. Maybe one day you can teach me. ;o)