Sunday, February 6, 2011

How I make my pinwheel quilts

So my first 2 quilts of this year are pinwheels. This one and this one. A great template makes these both easy and fast.
Start with this tool:

(I bought my template at my local quilt shop)
Also this book and this book.

Add 10" squares. I love the fabric layer cakes, it is a great way to get an entire collection of fabrics and this is a great way to use them. I like to loosely arrange the fabrics allowing for some contrast.

Sew the squares together into rows.

Then sew the rows together. I added a border.

Now the fun! Line up the crossed lines on the template with the intersection of your seams.

Cut it out!

Now align your new pieced squares. See the pinwheel forming?

Cut all the new squares from the intersecting seams. 

Sew blocks into rows, then sew rows together. Layer over batting and backing then quilt as desired.

 I really like how this pattern/template shows off the fabrics while making the process really quick, really fun and the end result looks really detailed! 

I need to get backing for this cutie and will post it again when complete.


Jenny said...

Would have never guessed that! Awesome method.

Jenny said...

I'm still thinking about this quilt. Very close to buying that template up as soon as I can find it.

When I first saw your pinwheel quilts, I thought "Wow, she's putting out these great tessellations!"

What's the shrinkage? Difference between the starting size and ending size.

Beatriz said...

Nice. Very nice.
I´ll try to find this template.

Jenny said...

SO cool! Love it!

Jenny said...

Thanks for the inforation on the shrinkage from first top to second top! Will definitely help with the planning.