Sunday, February 27, 2011

Great Class!

I teach FMQ* at my LQS once each month. Last year was all beginner, and this year, I have developed an advanced level class. Yesterday was the first of my advanced class. 

I had 4 super, sweet and talented quilters, and we had such fun! We chatted about family, fabric, machines, oil prices. If only the world leaders were quilters, (sigh).

These ladies inspire me so, they all do absolutely beautiful work and I am humbled by their attention! And fearlessness, they will try anything!

All of them do such wonderful work. They do not seem to realize that for them, I am less of a teacher, but more of a coach. And I learn so much from them!

Thank you so much Phyllis, Connie, Linda and Marjorie! You made my Saturday so great!

*FMQ = Free Motion Quilting

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