Friday, June 25, 2010

*Flashback* quilts in my past!

Here is the very first quilt I made.

I did candle wicking (anyone remember that craft fad?, Candle wicking was a form of embroidery that created simple designs by using french knots) on bleached muslin, then pieced it in the centers of simple 9 patch squares. It is a large-lap/small-twin size.

My Mom actually hand-quilted it for me. She had to give that up due to carpel tunnel syndrome and surgery. Her stitches are so neat and even. But don't feel sad for her, she is getting a new Gammill! She switched to long-arm quilting several years ago, first on her Hinterberg Voyager (actually a mid-arm) and has sold it to make room for the Gammill. Can't wait to play on that new toy!

I started this while I was in high school. Amazing an ancient artifact like this is still around! It does show wear, and there are spots where one of our hounds had gnawed on is as a pup, but we still use it!

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vivian said...

I like how she quilted the border. I know she will have a blast with her longarm-it is a lot of fun!!