Friday, May 7, 2010

ups and downs

Well, I spoke too soon last week. Dad developed a spinal fluid leak due to the surgery and had to go under the knife again to try to patch it. Patched one, but another developed. So to recap: my Dad was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma (brain tumor) last fall. Surgery was scheduled for the end of January but had to be delayed as a cardiac abnormality was detected in his pre-op exam.The abnormality turned out to require a double bypass, but the pituitary tumor complicated matters and he didn't come around until 6 (agonizing) days later. He rehabs and heals fine in the ensuing 2 months, reschedules the surgery. April 28 they remove the tumor and he comes out of recovery laughing and joking. Then the leak. He said if he had known retirement would be like this, he would have kept working! Yep, he still has his humor! I am going to ask again for prayers for his healing, but we are supposed to pray for each other anyway, aren't we?

Now back to quilting.
I finished this a week ago but just now got my camera downloaded.
24" x 30" intended for a table topper.

Loopy-loop quilting. I have been raiding my scrap bin for these. Mom gave me several pieces of this Moda collection for Christmas in 2008. I have really been getting the miles out of these yards! This is the fist quilt made with this group:

then this wall hanging and today's post. AND I have my ZigZag quilt top yet to quilt and all were using these fabrics. I love using every possible scrap!

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The Scrappy Bee said...

Sorry about your Dad's postop problems. Hopefully they will get this leaking fixed and soon!! I just hope that he doesn't have the splitting headache that goes with it.
Love the quilts you posted. I too try to use all of any fabric, its just that the stack of leftovers is sometimes overwhelming. I still think they secretly replicate them selves in secret. Bonne