Wednesday, May 12, 2010


No pics today, but my WIP status: I have 1 mini-art quilt ready to bind, and 2 lap-sized quilts basted and ready to quilt. My boss bought me some cute FQs in NYC so I foresee a funky-mod baby quilt in the near future! Still trying to build my inventory.

Dad had to go to the ER Monday, but he is home. He has pnuemonia and needed a massive dose of hydrocortisone as his pituitary gland is still not up to par. Fortunately, the ER doc was on top of things and contacted Dad's endocrinologist who has worked him next week. Seems like the hydrocortisone may be the major player in this drama. Since his dose Monday night, and the additional in pill form, he is feeling better and not leaking spinal fluid. This experience (starting in January) has been a crash course in anatomy. The more I learn, the more I need to learn!

My FM class made for this Saturday, so even though I am stressed-out and exhausted, I get to spend Saturday in a warm, loving, supportive quilt shop! I can't wait, the time there is like a restorative vacation.

Be kind to yourself and each other!

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