Sunday, February 14, 2010

a very long week

This has been a long week. Dad came through his bypass surgery, but developed a dementia they call "ICU Psychosis" along with pneumonia. His heart was good, but he was battling the pneumonia and was not coherent. It was unreal and painful to witness. He was put back on the ventilator Saturday morning. Mom kept insisting that his pituitary tumor had to have something to do with this. The endocrinologist agreed and added some additional hormones to Dad's pharmaceutical cocktail. We have lived this week in a fog and in constant prayer. And angels have been sitting on the shoulders of the doctors, nurses and respiratory therapists. Today, he started to come around. He wrote a note to Mom asking what day it is and what had happened. We have wept tears of joy!! They will begin to wean him off the respirator again in the morning. I sure have missed him!

I have rested most of the day and finally got back in my studio to quilt this:

It measures 20.5" x 25".

The method comes form the book "Square Dance-Fancy Quilts from Plain Squares" by Martha Thompson. I borrowed the book from Mom and decided to do this small wall hanging as an additional sample for my Free-motion quilting class this Saturday. I quilted it in a shell pattern. It was nice to quilt in a peaceful, thankful, meditative state.
I am going to work in the morning and will spend tomorrow night with Mom. Blog posting will resume as Dad improves. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers! 

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