Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Update on Dad

Dad went for a cardiac catheterization yesterday. His heart is unique in its placement and the orientation of the vessels (no, not deformed, just unique, special, one-of-a kind) and they could not find a catheter shaped to fit so he underwent bypass surgery this morning. He is receiving exemplary care. We could not ask for better nurses, doctors or respiratory therapists. He is in the ICU tonight and was breathing on his own when we left. This has been a tense and emotional day. The nurses and doctors have said he is progressing normally. I thank you all for your thoughts and prayers. We hope he is up in a chair tomorrow. Finding these blockages has been miraculous. His brain tumor has literally saved his life. He had one at 70% blocked and another at 95%. And no symptoms of a heart issue. Truly a miracle in our eyes. And re-furbished heart, just in time for Valentine's Day!

This is Dad and his little Schnoodle, Nikki. Everyone has a father, but I have a "Daddy!" The best in the world.


Dobbygirl said...

Good to hear he's doing well. I've been thinking about you. We were all sick with a stomach bug here last week so I'm sorry I haven't commented (here or on FB) earlier! I've got you all in my thoughts and prayers! Hugs!

Laura said...

Hi Kelly,
This is Laura who lives in Thomasville NC (Modern Quilters). I just found your blog, and was reading about your father--glad to hear he is doing well following surgery.