Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Studio (AKA the sweatshop)

I am sharing my studio today for 2 reasons: 1. It is as clean as it gets since the house is being shown and 2. Since the house is being shown I need something to do that keeps me out of there! 

Come on in! This is the view from the hall. I love days like this when the sunlight streams in.

As you step in, you see my minimal sheving where I keep my stash of books, magazines and fabrics.

We took up the carpet and had all the wood floors redone about 4 years ago. I love the floors!

My ironing board sits under 2 of my inspiration/cork boards. I really like being able to leave the iron out. the beautiful Japanese fabric was a gift from a Japanese friend. 

 From the ironing board you see my Viking every at the ready, and on the wall, my fabric rack that my son built for me. the floor lamp I bought at IKEA, it is small and can swing around to where I need it. The table my machine sits on also doubles as my cutting table. It is a Rubbermaid utility table. I have been research different cutting table solutions, as this is really too low for me to cut at. It is my wish to really trick out my studio when we are able to move. I want a tall cutting table!

The stash. These are 2 small bookshelves I got at Target many years ago. We once used them in our living room and when that changed, I could get rid of them. At first they were sufficient, but now I need a better storage solution. I really do not think my stash is too large. My Mom has much more in hers, well, yeah, she has been at this quilting much longer than me! LOL!

Now you see my Design Wall. I bought white flannel-backed vinyl tablecloth material (available in 54" width) and tacked it to the wall. The flannel side is out. Enough to cover this wall (about 8 foot wide) was less than $10 and I can easily and cheaply replace it when it gets too linty. 

Last year I bought these bouncy rubber floor tiles from a big box home-improvement store. I like them to ease strain when I am standing and to cushion when I am pinning and cutting on the floor. These cam 4 to a pack for about $18 and I bought 2 packs. 

Thats my little haven. It is a small, 10' x 10' room, but I enjoy the space. 


free indeed said...

Thanks for the tour. Love looking at everyone else's sewing rooms. Mine is smaller than yours but isn't as clean! :). I know your pain about cutting tables. Hubby brought home a free thrifted metal table that I put on bed risers for my solution, but the rough edges on the formica top kept catching at my fabric. I kept it for a couple years and had those plastic drawers on rollers stored underneath...great storage and out of the way. When I came across an entertainment stand that was high on it's own, with cubboards underneath, I spent the money for smooth and just the right height. My next 'want' is a sewing table that I can drop my machine into....the desk I use makes the sewing bed too high for comfort...but that's a big expense or a big project either it will be awhile.

The Scrappy Bee said...

Your quilting space is well used and certainly cleaner than mine.

I love the quilt on your design wall. I also use a flannel backed vinyl for my wall. I even found some with squares on the vinyl side.

Now I will also pray that your house sells. I hope your market is better than ours in Michigan.

Bonnie B

Kristin said...

Love your inspiration boards! I really need to get some of those going!

Vicki W said...

Thanks for sharing your space with us!