Sunday, February 21, 2010

Back in the studio

This has been such a busy month. I had much to do. Then my Dad was ill, and all my priorities changed. He is home (came home Thursday) and his cardiac rehab is underway. He faces the brain surgery to remove the pituitary tumor in 6-8 weeks, but he is strong and determined and surrounded by a host of family and friends to assist in any way. Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers. Please continue to pray for my Dad in this rehab and in the face of the tumor. Please also pray for my Mom, who is his primary caregiver, chauffeur, best friend, life partner etc! She is exhausted from all the stress! I spent Friday night with them since I had a free-motion class on Saturday morning at Sewingly Yours. We had a relaxed dinner and I got my Mom to help me with paper piecing. She tutored me well and I have a pattern to attack in the near future!

My free-motion class was packed! I had 13 great students! The morning flew by. Wannitta has started a blog for the shop. Please check it out here and become a fan on Facebook!

And finally, on Saturday night, I got to spend a nice quiet evening with my hubby! We ate a fantastic dinner that he prepared, (roasted pork loin with root vegetables), watched the Olympics and chilled.

And today, back in the studio to release some pent-up creativity! 2, yes 2 new WIPS:

I am calling this "peekabu"

A close up of the cool batik and Kona cotton:


And a new hand-dyed I am calling "portal":


It has been a beautiful warm day. We have spent time outside with the dogs. I have been cutting and piecing and am quite relaxed. I am so grateful!


Little Green Doll said...

I'll continue praying for your family!! I know what all of you are living and it's difficult and stressful, but with hope I'm sure everything will get well! Best wishes!!

The Scrappy Bee said...

I have just started a new job and haven't had time or enery to write before this. Glad you Dad's cardiac surgery turned out OK. Your family has a long struggle ahead. I will continue to think of you and pray for you.
Your two new WIPs are great. Love the second one. I am indeed becoming enamored with solids. Wish I lived in your area so I could take the free motion quilting class. I need it. BonnieB