Friday, February 26, 2010

The Postman Brings More!

My last shipment of web-ordered goodies arrived today, this from Pink Chalk Fabrics:
 On the left, a FQ bundle of the new "Poppy" by Laura Gunn in Spice. This is more beautiful in person than it was on screen! And on the right, a FQ bundle of "Fashionista Lorenza" in Aubergine by Alexander Henry Fabrics. Again, even better than it looked on line!

Why am I procuring? Last year I set out to use up my stash and scraps. I did a very good job, almost too good. I would get inspired to create and had very little to work with. That is so frustrating! I am left to creating quilts in my head! So, at Christmas, I began adding as I found fabrics I really loved. And I have changed my habit of only buying 1 FQ, now I try to by a bundle of the entire collection if available. And I no longer just buy a 1/2 yd, I buy at least a yard, or 4 yards if I think it is possible to use as a backing! Now, I have my next few quilts lined up, just waiting for time! I have 3 flimsies ready to quilt and bought the backing for 2 of them today at Mary Jo's. Glad I already have batting, as Mary Jo's was out. I have 2 WIPs, no make that 3. My king Christmas quilt needs to be assembled. Time to sew, thats what I need!

I had lined up to buy may backing fabric today, then layer and baste and begin quilting this weekend. But, I received the call from my real estate agent that our house is being shown again tomorrow. 3 times this week! We are hoping that one of these will generate an offer. My hubby and I are so tired of living apart.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, those fabrics are beautiful!