Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! and a WIP

Happy Thanksgiving Day to all! I am so thankful for all the blessing in my life: family, friends, pets, a home and a job. I am also thankful to have finally found my medium of expression. While I will not sew much today (heading over the river and through the woods to Mom's for dinner), I hope all of you celebrate a blessed and peaceful Thanksgiving.

And now a confession: I am up to 2 WIPs (works in progress). Once again, I ran out of thread while quilting, so I can not finish 1 until my order arrives. I normally have 2 WIPs: 1 I am quilting and 1 I am piecing, but since I am out of thread I now have 1 being quilted, 1 waiting to baste and quilt and 1 being pieced. Hopefully my thread order will arrive tomorrow or Saturday! But, here is a sneak preview of 1 of the WIPs:


kimbuktu said...

I love the colors you've used. 2 WIP is nothing. I shudder to think how many works in progress I have going, as well as the ones I've abandoned, lol.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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