Saturday, November 21, 2009

Eye Candy - November 21 edition

I have been quilting, BUT, I ran out of thread in the correct color! So I am filling in today's post with some eye candy, then I will drive 30 minutes to the closest LQS that carries YLI thread, buy more and then come back home to quilt the rest of my nephews quilt. I ran out with just a 10" by 20" section left to go. Bummer. I had purchased a different thread due to the location of the store. But I am hugely disappointed in that brand and will not buy it anymore. Its YLI, Sulky or Mettler to quilt for me! I also like Gutterman for piecing.

In related news, my mom and I are going to be exhibiting our quilts in our own show in late January! I am so excited! And I need to finish a couple of more quilts!