Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Hound, Murray

This is my hound Murray. He is approximately 11 years old. Murray came to me through friends who had found him lying in a busy intersection after being hit by a car. They had him patched up, neutered and fattened, while searching for a permanent home. I was looking for an appropriate pet, having lost one and going without for several years. It was love at first sight. His lineage is suspect; the best guess is Basset Hound/German Shepard. He is very vocal, full of personality, and the absolute best dog I have ever had. He follows me everywhere. He lays at my feet in the evenings as I read. He chases me to bed at 10 each night. If I am staying up later, he sits in the hall giving me a baleful look. Everyone who meets him, loves him. We have a connection that transcends our differences. Murray is always happy to greet me, he cries when he hears my car pull in. He gets very excited when I get his leash, he loves his walks. Murray has a very loud and deep bark, but a very high-pitched whine! He resembles a barrel on short legs. Truly Murray is a gift from God!

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