Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

Like many on this delicate, beautiful, blue globe, I am wishing for peace. I am also wishing for civility, kindness, consideration and use of common manners. I am wishing for those who work hard and keep their noses clean to be acknowledged. I am wishing I had a real VooDoo doll for a couple of jerks who have me less than happy in the past few weeks. Jerk #1 the A**hole who yelled at me because his company dropped the ball on services they provide for my company and I had the nerve to tell my superiors! To make matters worse, this purveyour of environmental poisons had the gall to call me "honey". Not too smart. Well he images that his wealth and fame will keep the wolf from his door, but I know: what goes around, comes around. I only hope I am around to see him cower and crumble.
Jerk#2 the attention-deficent, sloppy, non-personable wretch who has been the coach of my son's football team. His obvious favoritism for the sons of brown-nosing toadies has reached a new nadir. This sorry excuse for a human (much less coach and teacher of our youth) has shat on my darling man-cub yet again. In today's release of the all-county team, mine was omitted in favor of a couple of mindless cretins. Mine has not missed a practice in 6 years; Started every game this year; and since he cared about his academic standard and did not take "spring sports" last year (for the 3rd time) and took physics instead, my darling got to school at 6:30am each day to ful-fill his mandantory work-outs. Does he get anything for this? No, just a merry f*&%$(g Christmas from his coach. Well, I care. And while I have refused to get involved in a male-dominated arena of controlled agression, I have advised my son that you never regret handling yourself with class. So to counter his immense disappointment, he has opted to channel his frustrations on an early morning bike ride.
If anyone reads this, thanks and go buy something from the guys at Luna Cycles in Lenoir, NC. These guys have taught my son more about how to be classy and professional, working hard while having fun, in 6 months, than the weak, nut-less coaches he has been around for 6 years.