Friday, August 12, 2011

a week off

Well, hello! We took this week off of work and had a good ole "staycation". Sleeping til we naturally woke up, drinking coffee, cleaning, making a new patio.

While we adore our "still new to us" home, there had been minimal landscaping. The most problematic for us was known affectionately as the mud pit at the base of the deck step. With our man-cub home, a new patio was built. Red dirt evened-out, landscape fabric laid, metal edging installed, white river rock for a zen feel and an 8 ft square paver seating area. LOVE it!

We bought a cool fireplace and deck chairs for this new area. This has really helped keep the dirt down in the house and given us a nice outside living area. We could not have done it without the help of our son!

We were also assisted by our able hounds. They were especially helpful with the sand. they love digging out a cool bed.

We have also visited family. Seems the busy-ness of daily life doesn't give us enough time for this. So, we have taken advantage of the extra time. The man-cub and I went to one of my aunt's and walked her dogs. The old family home still stands and the weathered door is so beautiful.

More quilty stuff to come. I have an exhibit to prepare for!

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