Saturday, August 13, 2011

my late uncle

As I mentioned in my previous post, we have spent some of our week-long staycation visiting family. One family member is an aunt who has had some trouble with vertigo. She also has two beautiful, really sweet labs. Since she has been ill, her dogs haven't been able to get adequate exercise, so we have gone to visit and walk her dogs a couple times this week. 

This aunt is a widow, having lost her husband (after 52 yrs of marriage!). And this late uncle of mine was quite the folk artist. 
It has been so fun to revisit their home with the time to walk around and see his work. 
 This bird house is a small work, 
but has always been a favorite of mine.

It was always a fun place for me as a child, but as an adult, I really appreciate his skill and vision even more.

He created his work from oil drums and tractor parts, remaking these materials from the mundane into the magical.

This is a large (6ft tall) wind chime, the air tank moves and 
makes such a soothing sound when it hits the side tines.
The life-sized mermaid sits at the edge of a pool.
Peeking out of the trees, this ram stands guard at the gate.


grandmarockton said...

The world has lost a Great artist! Sorry for the families loss

bettyp said...

how sweet of you and your family to stay and help out !! Love the yard art!!

Elisa Black said...

totally cool sculptures!! Don't you just love labs? hope you had a nice visit.