Monday, August 29, 2011

In process and .....

This is not yet complete, but I am making good progress on it.

I will post it in full once complete, sometimes this week.

And now, my announcement.

I am exhibiting at Historic Bethabara Park, NC. My quilts will be on display from September 17, which coincides with their yearly Apple Festival, through September 28. In addition, I will be giving 2 talks on the 17th about modern methods of quilting. I am in the process of developing my presentation to include photos of a variety of quilts. More about the Apple Festival here.

I am both excited and nervous. Not about the quilts, I am pulling in some of my mother's and some of 2 other great quilters and good friends. I know the quilts will be phenomenal. I just want to be entertaining in my presentation. If you have any ideas on what I can include to keep it fun and informative, please share. And if you are in Winston-Salem, NC on Sept 17, stop by Historic Bethabara Park, I will be in the Visitors Center.


Sandra Kaye said...

Ooo, Kelly -- I like the color on this quilt. Your quilting is great. Can't wait to see the rest. --hugs--Sandie

Jenny said...

Gorgeous! And congratulations!!!!

MariQuilts said...

How wonderful for you...good luck.