Saturday, March 14, 2009

mean ole migraine monster

It started as just a tightening above my right eye on Monday. I attributed it to the stress of working in dire economic conditions, compounded by driving the boy's "thug-mobile" with the super loud exhaust since the white Honda was toppled. (We have had to do a car swap since hubby is working out of town with his new job.) Monday turned into Tuesday, Tuesday into Wednesday and so on. Add into this, more stress by the horrible morale at the office, by Thursday, it had blossomed into a full-blown migraine. Light triggered pain, sound triggered pain, movement triggered pain. I used prescription meds, but it maintained a grip. It had been a while since the migraine monster had visited my cranium and it wanted to make up for lost time. If you have never suffered one of these, count your blessings. To be brought down by the searing agony, well, nothing for me to do but try to sleep it off. And now, Saturday, it has finally left the building. Now, how do I make up for losing the time I was in its thrall? Anyway, the migraine is gone. And I am exhausted by the fight.

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