Friday, March 6, 2009

Don't dream it - be it

One of my favorite cinema experiences is the "Rocky Horror Picture Show" and I am of the vintage that actually enjoyed it at the midnight movies in my hometown, with fans in drag, responding to the lines in the movie. My fascination with this movie was the obvious sexual edginess. Being from the south in the late 70's, I had never seen a drag queen, really didn't know that there were people who adopted another personae and costume and lived it. So I giggled when Tim Curry descended in the elevator in corset and stockings, singing "Sweet transvestite". As I have aged, oh, how I have aged, I have come to understand why (not from a transgender standpoint, another biologic reason altogether), someone might want to create an alternative reality for themselves. We can really "be" who, and what we want to "be" and I think Drag Queens exemplify and celebrate that. I know I admire them for it. They go to great lengths to become another person, the wigs, make-up, elaborate clothes, exaggerated manners. I want a different reality. Not necessarily by changing how I look, but how I see. I want to see the beauty around me, celebrate the little things and indulge in the civilities. I no longer want to speak with sarcasm, use random curse-words or obscene gestures. I want the niceties! So, quoting a song from Rocky Horror, "Don't dream it-be it!"

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