Monday, March 16, 2009

even more rain

another rainy monday.
only 4 more days til the weekend!
Yep, working in a struggling company is quite difficult at times. Feels like a ghost town, most of the office cubes are empty, entire halls are dark, manufacturing doesn't work on Friday, so Fridays are creepily quiet in the mill. to pep up, I like to indulge in the creative stuff: color selection, pattern drawing, weave drafting, simulation of cool designs. The few of us that are left are "whistling past the graveyard". I read that somewhere, and it means that you are trying to not show, or give in to, your fear. Each day we make it without being laid-off, is a small victory. Each customer call and order, is a reason to celebrate. We are really making some beautiful stuff and we have lots of ideas we want to see through. I just hope we can hang on.

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