Sunday, March 22, 2009

Making a mark

I snapped this yesterday while hiking with Pepper, the crazy malinois. I like graffiti and always find the marks people make to be interesting. Some marks are amusing, insightful, thought-provoking. This one, needs a back-story. There are 2 T.P. s inside this heart. Did the carver want to make sure we viewers understand the depth of the feeling, and so carved it twice? Did the carver and object of affection both have T.P. as their initials? (Terrance Payne & Teresa Pitts; Twala Philips & Thomas Peters?) Perhaps, the carver has the initials T.P. and also needed to boost their own self-esteem, and thus made this pronouncement? And why, on this public path? Until about 18 months ago, this path was not highly used. I hope the carver has T.P. in their heart now.
The trail has been filling with signs of spring: little flowers blooming, trees budding. We saw a deer today and always there are birds, squirrels and rabbits. Pepper and I went yesterday, while the hubby and I took both Pepper and Murray today. Murray loves to go, but he is old and getting very slow. I still like to get him out to walk and do dog things in the wild.

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