Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reflections on Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a fantasy city. A city of this size should not flourish in the desert, yet Las Vegas is the fastest growing city in the US. Never mind the desert, they harnessed the Colorado River for water. You can watch the water level of Lake Mead go down. There are bright flowers, lush trees, tropical wildlife. The saturated colors of the neon lights and theme resorts make it look like Disney World. I guess Las Vegas is an amusement park for adults. The slot machines are just grown-up video games. The visitors to Las Vegas seem to be living a fantasy as well. They dress as though they were all super models. So weird to me. I sometimes wish I could suspend belief and live my fantasy world. I would about 2 inches taller, 50 pounds lighter, my hair would be a mane of auburn curls and I would have emerald green eyes. I would also be able to dance, walk in heels and giggle disarmingly. But, I am as I am. And I dress rather conservatively. The only conservative thing about me!

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