Sunday, June 8, 2008


*Long Time No Blog.
Lots going on. Guess it is just that time of year. I finished the Amy Butler Sophia Bag. I am going to make another one! I had so much fun and learned some new tricks in the class. I am quilting on my "Triple Treat" quilt. I got the pattern out of a great book called "Happy Hour". These are the best quilting directions I have yet encountered. Not only does the designer give great instructions (plus the yardage needed in FQs and 1/2 yds) she gives projects to use up the waste fabric from the quilts. Today, I have been making table runners from this book using the left-overs from the quilt. I love to use up all my scraps in a really useful manner. My next quilt will be a black and white "Pixely Sticks" quilt for Jacob. the main panels will be all black and white with the sashing in a lime green. I am looking for a batik for this. I am thinking of doing the border in a black and white dot. I will need to go on a Mary Jo's run for this!

Al and I are headed to Atlantic Beach on Wednesday. I am ready for some sun, sand and surf!
I am also planning a trip in September to Ningbo, China. I am going over to visit our plant there and to develop a process for developing fabric specifically to weave there. I am both excited and a little scared. Never been to Asia before. That is a really long way from home!

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