Saturday, May 24, 2008

lots 'o stuff goin on!`

That's me on the West Rim of the Mighty Grand Canyon. "Grand" doesn't do it justice! Magnificent, breathtaking, awe-inspiring, I stumble to find a human word to describe. Al and I took advantage of my conference in Vegas, and stayed an extra day to get to visit this Wonder of the World. We were on the ancestral land of the Hualapi Tribe. They were all very gracious and welcoming. This shot was snapped at Eagle Point which is home to the Sky Bridge, which is owned and operated by the Hualapi. This are was not commercial. We also went to Guano Point where we ate lunch in the Guano Cafe, which is also owned and operated by the Hualapi. This was a fantastic experience!

Vegas was Vegas. Hot, Loud, Gaudy, fun! The heat was pretty extreme. The H/D Expo (hospitality design conference) was my reason for going. It was well attended and is now 2 full floors at the Sands convention center. I saw and spoke with a few of my customers and had the opportunity to see what is happening in the Hospitality world. It was much needed to refill my inspiration tank.

The man-cub is home for the summer and started his summer job. He seems to be himself. I do enjoy his company! We have had a crazy week: back from Las Vegas on Sunday (nightmarish 5 hour delay in the Vegas airport), work Monday and Tuesday, Al was a speaker at the Google ribbon cutting Wednesday (along with Gov. Easley!), I started a class Thursday night (a highly constructed handbag), a dinner party Friday night. We are having friends over for a cookout tomorrow. But Monday is Memorial Day, we don't have to work. Now is the time to settle down into a summer groove.
I will bitch in a later post about the economy and gas prices, but for now I want to concentrate on the good things in life. Have a Great Saturday!

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