Sunday, April 29, 2007

springtime schedule

As you can see, I have been creative today! This past week (and month!) has been so full, I haven't had enough time to accomplish all I want to, much less all I need to! The nice weather leads me to stay outside more in the evening, which lessens my time in the studio; travelling for work lessens the time I can spend with my family; my man-cub's schedule is crazy with track events, prom, college events and his other social activities. The lazy evenings of February seem so far behind us. Work has been on overload, I am handling the extreme stress with a combination of drugs, exercise, creative time and a bad attitude. I am driving all my team's projects as fast as I can.

I just want and need more personal creative time. I have been trying to nurture my creativity by doing something creative each day, but now the ideas are backing up and I need more time to express them. Oh, well, I must strike while the iron is hot. No more time to blog today.

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