Friday, April 13, 2007

Good things.....

My man-cub received his "Letter of Intent" today! He is going to be a scholarship athlete! We started watching him play football on Wednesday afternoons, when he was in middle school. Then Thursday nights for JV (undefeated!). Friday nights for Varsity. Now we will be following him around to see him play on Saturdays!
He is so happy, and his dad and I are so proud.
The weather has been wild of late. These past 2 days have been cool, but the sunshine has been great and the skies are so clear.
Work has been a 4 letter word this week. I am back to being way past tired and on to weary. Too much for me to do effectively and efficiently. I am now trying to hire a new designer. We really need the help. We need someone who can think for themselves, think on their feet and get it done! All the while being very creative and technologically savvy.
The one who left (a be-otch, who has been a thorn in my side for 4 years) worked as little as possible and did the least she could to get by. So having one who works, will be a nice change. Hopefully, since she and her drama are now gone, next week should be nice, peaceful and quiet. I will still have way too much to do, but I will not have to do it while she is surfing the net on my time!
I am not traveling again until late May. It is nice to stay home! I have joined an art-swap group and I am having a lot of fun with that. I believe I will go and work in my studio for a while.

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