Saturday, February 17, 2007

Week from Hades

I am a Southern Lady Under Tremendous Stress. The past 3 weeks have been the worst I have experienced in long while and I do not care to relive them at all. We have been going through "restructuring" in my corporate gig. This time Senior Directors and VP's are falling out. It is unnerving to say the least. We have the most new development going on and need to stay focused and on task. Meanwhile these mass emails are harbingers of fear. No one can stay focused, everyone is worried that they will be let go next. I could work 24/7 for the next 3 months and just barely stay current! I am exhausted, bone-weary, burnt-out. I am supposed be to be innovative and creative, and able to solve problems. This week I have been so overwhelmed that I can not even put a sentence together. I have several major projects in development right now, at the same time there is a "no-overtime" edict in place so my samples can only be woven during the 40 hour week. There is a tremendous volume going through and a lot of this is just not going to meet the deadline. Oh well.
Well, tomorrow the boy and I make a trek across the state so he can interview for a scholarship on Monday. Wish him luck! This university has already given him an academic grant, but more would help.
I am trying to blow off some of this steam and do some art. When I am drawing, painting and gluing, I loose track of time and the Zen takes over and I feel great.
I am thinking of the people and things in my universe that are positive: Mom and Dad, Al, Jacob, Murray and Sophie, my digital camera, Oreos, hamburger steak, crossword puzzles.

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