Monday, February 12, 2007

New Pic of my Brother

I augmented this image I shot of my brother. I am very pleased with how it turned out! He is really good to pose for me. He realizes the shot is not just a photo, but subject matter for my photo art. I try to get him copies, he seems to enjoy what i do. It is fun and I loose track of time when I am playing with my digital pics. I would love to have more of my boy, but he is not a good model for me. My dogs are okay, but they usually end up on their backs waiting for a belly-rub! I have done some self-portrait stuff, but I don't like how I look.
Another Monday is almost over. I worked late tonight. This usually happens the weeks my boss is in town. I get my time with him after working hours. It is best as we can focus and not be interrupted by the insane crack berry.
My boy got his 3rd college acceptance today. He has choices! I am very proud of him. 3 more days til Friday!

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