Saturday, February 3, 2007

Sunny Saturday

Look what I did today! I had taken this pic of the man-cub after the Morganton 'cross race. I had a blast manipulating it. I love this high contrast look. He is my favorite subject, but he rarely lets me photograph him!
He went on the group ride this morning and returned with a bad cough. Hubby and I rode for about 45 min at the Greenway. The wind was wicked, but the sun felt nice. I can't stop grinning when I am on my bike. There is such a sense of freedom pedalling along with the breeze in my hair and the birds over head. I really enjoy it and can't wait for the days to lengthen so I can ride when I get home from work.
I have been packing for my trip tomorrow. I really wish I could stay home, but I am looking forward to the shot of energy NYC gives. And the excellent food!

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