Sunday, June 17, 2012

The (Tula) Pink Effect pt 1

I am still enjoying the delightful after-effects of our visit from Miss Tula Pink. Gina at The Little General Designs posted this week about "Things that Tula Said" and that got me thinking about what I like to call the Tula Pink effect.

First, the Tula Pink Effect on the audience at Gralyn.
Check out the paneling and the marble fireplace!

The surroundings were so magnificent, I felt like I was in a movie, or in a fairy tale! And I believe the atmosphere of a room really has an effect on the people in that room, so needless to say, in such a wonderful place, all there were wonderful as well. I looked around at 50-60 different women, ranging in age from 24 to 70.
 That is a custom-made Flea Market Fancy skirt!
Everyone was dressed in bright, colorful, expressive garments and jewelry (Tula effect #1, rocking your beautiful self).

 (Gina and Sam, picture stolen from Colleen at our "after-party")

Smiling, laughing conversations started as we got to know each other and shared our quilting lore. We sat casually about, engaged in the conversations Tula led as she shared her work. We oohed and aahhed as a collective (Tula effect #2 expressing joy and delight).

This evening's effects were further evidenced at this past week's TMQG meeting. We had 5 visitors to our packed meeting, most of whom learned of the TMQG at the Tula Pink visit! These delightful ladies may have been new to the group, but their adventurous spirits and mad sewing skills made it feel (to me at least) like these were long-lost friends who had found their way home (Tula effect #3 - finding your tribe).

More (personal) Pink effects to come!


Cherie said...

Such great little effects! I love the quilt in the the picture. Her fabrics are gorgeous! =D

Carrie P. said...

I missed a good time, looks like.

Colleen said...

I agree the tula pink effect is a lasting one! Thanks for the credit!