Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Still here...

Just a lot going on!

I have participated in 2 more swaps and received awesome gorgeous items:

A (much needed) sewing machine cover from the Modern She Made Swap:

why yes, it is a bit blurry/grainy.
My sewing machine cover by rosesrblu

Thank you roserblu! I love it! It made it to me from Australia!

A mini-quilt from our Triad Modern Quilt Guild Swap:

scrappy swoon for doll quilt swap

from my dear quilty-friend and super-mom rainbow robot

I adore this Swoon! I love the dark gray, and I LOVE orange (along with blue).

My friend Colleen coached me on joining Flickr swaps, so a thank you shout out to her for this new fun activity I am loving! She is our "swap-mama" in the Triad Modern Quilt Guild and does a phenomenal job.

I have been quilting (when I can) and have 3 in process. I am just a bit weird about showing them unfinished, so dear readers will just have to wait til they are complete.

I am also helping my husband and his siblings with the cleaning and sorting at my dear late MIL's house. This is a difficult, laborious, emotion-charged job. She had more clothes and shoes than you can imagine. We need to sell as much as possible to settle the estate, so if you know of an outlet for gently used ladies clothing (sizes run in the XL, 1X, 16-18 for clothing, shoes are size 8) shoot me an email. We would love to sell the lot of it, 'cause I do not look forward to the work involved in a yard sale.

And if you have read read this far, thank you! This is my 700th post.


Cherie said...

Swaps are so great! Quilting is a long job, specially hand quilting.

Hope the house clearing goes better and you find somewhere to sell the items to.

Congratulations on 700 posts! You must be blogging like crazy =D

Laura McGrath said...

I also heard that you gave a lecture on FM quilting at the Triad MQG meeting. Nothing like keeping busy! I don't like showing things half done, either, I kinda need the personal incentive to finish them before blogging about them.

Colleen said...

Congrats on 700! And thanks! I knew you and swaps would be a good fit!

Carrie P. said...

the swap in our modern guild was fun. some really fabulous quilts. I loved everyone.

Nice sewing machine cover too.
Congrats on 700posts. I need to see how many I have one day. You have been blogging a long time.

Paige said...

700 posts! Holy Moly! The swap at the guild meeting was fun and the machine cover you got looks great! I love getting things from other countries. It gives me an extra little thrill!