Saturday, June 23, 2012

Completed! (1 of 3)

Here is "Aurora":

23.5" by 23.5"

I am so enamored of multiple layers of batting. On this I started with a base of cotton batting and then 2 layers of wool batting (the last of my wool stash, must obtain more!)

I love the dimension and poof it gives.
*Why yes, if you look close, you will see dog hair used as an embellishment! LOL! We jokingly say there is an additional dog work of fur every time we sweep!

I have been exploring stars a lot this year. It is still not out of my system, you you will notice from the next 2 completed quilts! This star is made of batiks, a paw-print and Kona Snow solid. FMQ in the solid and border is 50 wt white Affinity thread, the thread in the batik areas is 40 wt variegated YLI thread.


Colleen said...

So pretty! I havent had a chance oto blog about mine yet. Ive hung it in my bedroom. It makes me smile.

Carrie P. said...

that is so cool! and what a perfect name.

Anonymous said...

Love the dimension it gives-did you double layer it all over or just in areas? Gorgeous!

Cherie said...

That looks gorgeous! Love the effect of the quilting with double batting =D

Frances Moore said...

Very effective.I'll have to try it.