Sunday, April 15, 2012

Last, but not least in the Trapunt-faux Follies

Now I have moved on to my final trial on this journey.
This trial involves a layer of wool batting over my thin cotton batting. [No brand names here, because I buy my cotton batting on sale from a number of places and I just do not remember. And I bought the wool off the bolt at my LQS over a year ago.]
I switched up my thread to using the YLI Soft Touch in top and bobbin. I really LOVE this thread. I really LOVE all the YLI threads I have used. Never a bad spool and they all play nice with both my Baby Lock (which is a bit peculiar) and my Viking Sapphire (which is not). Anyway, I am using a small thread to focus on the effect of the stitching, not the stitches themselves and this fine thread sinks nicely into the fabric. I also had coordinating colors. I like the Aurifil as well, it is excellent quality but I have to order it as there are no retailers near me that carry it. It is also a bit more pricey than the YLI and honestly, I can't tell a difference in my work. 
Back to the trapunt-faux:

This sample was a total joy to stitch. The wool is like air. It has such a nice loft, quilts very flat and springs back wonderfully. That is why wool is so often used by the pro's in show quilts, it has a great memory and does not hold onto creases like cotton! I love the distinction between the more densely quilted parts and the unquilted parts.  

 I really love this one!


Tammy said...

I love it as well Kheli. It is just gorgeous! The colours just pop! Beautiful work..great job! Well done.

Colleen said...

Very cool effect!

Cherie said...

I love the effect it gives! =D

Ania said...

Love it. That looks absolutely beautiful. Would you say that best results are with using wool as a second layer?

Laura said...

Thanks for the experimenting--looks like I have to dig out some wool batting and give this a try, too!

Danielle Hudson said...

I looove your little sample! So colorful and so much texture! I have tried YLI(like it!) but not Aurifil. I haven't tried wool batting. I would have to order that!