Monday, April 9, 2012

Adventures in trapunto, part 1

I am giving faux-trapunto a try. (Trapunt-faux?) I have researched traditional trapunto a bit, but since I have to learn the hard way, I just layered some battings and off I go.

Here is how I matched up my batting and my mini quilts:

Trial 1 - thin cotton batting - 2 layers

Trial 2 and 3 - thin cotton batting on bottom, polyester batting on top (why 2 like this? 'Cause I have 4 minis, and only 3 combinations of battings)

Trial 4 - thin cotton on bottom, wool on top.

More to come!


Ania said...

I hope I am your partner!!!! Boy they are beautiful.
Are you going to cut one batting out?

Laura McGrath said...

I've read that you need to do the initial stitching (before cutting batting away) with water soluble thread. Are you going to try that?