Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Maxing out these scraps

This is going to be a table topper.

Check out the cute heart I appliqued on:

Seemed to want to be there.

I tend to let my mind wander a bit while stitching. The hum and repetition is great for meditation. I realized this about myself: I am a purger. Now that is really nothing new in that I do not hang on to things. I do not like clutter. I am not attached to objects. But I realized that it extends to my fabric scraps as well. I believe that is where some of my unease has originated. My scrap bin is just too full. I am going to try using some up over the next couple of weeks. I have an idea for an appliqued circle quilt (like this, its on my list of quilting goals) and that will use up quite a bit. Once I do some scrap reduction, then I can get back into stash reduction. If only I could reduce my hips and tummy!

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