Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I can finally post this one!

I have been diligently working on this quilt. It is what I have been doing every possible moment to the detriment of keeping up my blog, Facebook, my laundry, etc! This one is special and while I have had it complete for about a week now, I could not post it as it is a gift for my Mother! Her birthday was April 27, so now she has it and the surprise is out!

It measures 65" x 65". The batik paisley is all from the same piece of fabric, the border and sashing is Kona Snow, I think.

I pieced the top in about 2 hours. The quilting, yes it is very dense, took about 12 tot 15 hours. I really didn't keep track but since I have been asked, I have tried to guestimate. When I am quilting, it is very meditative and I loose track of time. I find that very restful and really don't mind!

 I love it, I believe she will as well! I free-motion quilted it with Isacord polyester thread on top and Mettler in the bobbin. No, I did not have a pattern, I just sat down and started quilting. But I love the swirls and think the set off the batik paisley very nicely.

We are off this weekend to visit friends. Should be restful, relaxing and fun!


Kat said...

It looks amazing, I love it! I'm sure your mom does, too.

Sam said...

Beautiful quilt. The quilting delights me, so delicate and free.

Wayne Kollinger said...


This is wonderful. The quilting works very well with the fabrics you've chosen and adds so much interest to the quilt. Often the quilting on a quilt is just there because something has to be there. Not this time. Your quilting is a major part of your quilt. Good work!

kheli said...

Thanks for the kind words! Mom loves it!