Thursday, December 31, 2009

Family Quilt Treasures

My Hubby and I spent the day with his mom yesterday, helping her clean and straighten one of her bedrooms. We worked, cleaned, sorted, threw awy and gathered for donation all day long. We were exhausted by last night, but the room looks great and Meme feels great about it! In one of the closets, we unearthed some family treasures. 2 quilts made by my hubby's paternal Granny! Now I have several quilts made by his maternal Granny and her mother, but I had not seen any made by the other. My MIL gave them to me! I love old quilts, made out of necessity and scraps and used as long as possible. The first is a neat pinwheel design:

The second is an elongated hexagon:

I love the little "egg cup" fabric!

Both were hand pieced and hand quilted. I will treasure them!

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The Scrappy Bee said...

You were given two real treasures. The bottom has prints that look like the 50's. Also the elongated hexagon was often called a "coffin" shape. Of course, plaids and solids are very hard to date, but they must be from around the same time.
Your resolution list is, indeed, quite ambitious. If you can accomplish even half of your resolutions you would have good reason to be proud of yourself.
Bonnie B.