Wednesday, October 28, 2009

going in the wrong direction

I started quilting a new piece on Sunday. The design I was trying to achieve just wasn't working out. I had seen a neat "filler" pattern and was trying to do it all over the quilt. My thread kept breaking, I couldn't get the tension right, the bobbin threads kept "nesting". All signs pointed to "uh-oh". I believe this was the universe telling me to find my quilt path and do not try to force the wrong design on this quilt. So, I unsewed. I unsewed the free-motion stitches Sunday night, Monday night and last night. Tedious, yes, but it just wasn't right. I had only worked on about 20% of the quilt, but that was still a lot of stitches. I sat down tonight and let the quilt toop tell me which way to go. I have almost 50% complete in only 2 hours. My thread isn't breaking, the tension is good and the bobbin is bobbin along! 

Sneak preview:

Should be able to finish the quilting tomorrow night, and the binding Friday night.

I took this sunset pic on Saturday night after spending the morning in a cool "Digital Marketing Bootcamp" seminar, then the afternoon with my parents. This is in the Brushy Mountains of Wilkes County NC.

THIS is the inspiration for my grey and orange fabrics and quilt-to-come!

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