Saturday, January 24, 2009


*Work In Process. I received the "Urban Chicks" Charm pack and 1 yard each of 4 coordinating patterns from my Mom at Christmas (Thanks, Santa Mom!) I am creating a Log-Cabin-ish quilt using a whit on white print as contrast. I got the inspiration for this from here and here. I have been wanting to do a traditional pattern using more contemporary fabrics and the addition of the white fabric makes this bright and fun! This is truly a relaxing project. I can just zoom through cutting my 2 1/2" strips, then string piece and press; trim, string piece, press. It creates a soothing rhythm and quickly goes together for a fun quilt.
Other news- my work hours have been reduced due to the recession. I am looking at the positive: more time to sew! Also, since we are moving, the extra days at home will give me time to paint and clean to get the house ready to sell. I have also created 2 new photo books and am contemplating marketing them as I have had positive feedback from my boss and friend (who is one of the smartest, most talented women I know).

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