Friday, January 16, 2009

and the routine sets in......

get up, cut off alarm, shower, paper, coffee, drive, work, drive, supper......
the winter doldrums have set in.
we are in the "time between", no major holiday to prepare for and anticipate, still dark when I get home, cold, gray, hazy days. to top it off, all the news is gloom and doom. no wonder I look forward to snuggling up with the 2 hounds that tun our house! they are always happy just to be part of it all. nothing like petting soft fur, and the long loving looks as I eat my dinner. My big hound, Murray, is really showing his age (13 human years=91 dog years). the cold makes him move slow and eat less. he is the master at power napping, he can sleep for 12 straight hours all day, then put in 10-11 more hours at night! he is pacing himself, for what, who knows.
Pepper, on the other hand, is a 9 month old, bouncing Belgian Malinois, who loves to eat, pull Murray by the tail, eat, herd Murray around the back yard, eat, beg for table scraps, and eat. she even has a 9:30 pm snack before bed! When it is warm enough for us humans to be out, she really enjoys running on-leash, while we ride our bikes around the green way. it really makes her happy!
me, i just want to sew, and quilt
and then curl up and sleep.

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