Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Day, New Year

I find it odd that we celebrate one day (or eve!) a year the passage of time! Why just once a year? I have found in times of trouble, it helps to remember that time continuously passes and with that, situations constantly change. I am also not one for deciding only once a year to make changes, or resolutions, in my life. I look at each moment as a time for change. That soapbox sermon being complete, here are the goals I am working toward over the next 356 days:
1. Sew as much as humanly possible
2. Remember all the birthdays in my family by sending a card (on time). This should be much easier since I made everyone, myself included, a family birthday calendar on Love Shutterfly!
3. Keep eating Cheerios and apple for breakfast. I have been able to lower my cholesterol to under 200 by nutrition alone and I want to keep it that way!
4. Create a "color inspiration book" on Shutterfly. Hence the photo with today's post. This is actually a huge pink Quonset hut used as a barbecue restaurant. I took this day before yesterday, the bright Carolina blue sky and pink caught my eye!
5. Finish the current "Quilt Projects" book on Shutterfly. Only about 30 more minutes to that goal!
6. Set up my own etsy shop to sell some wares.
7. Make some wares to sell in above!
8. Make 2 quilts for our new king-sized bed. Started first one last night!
9. Learn Adobe Photoshop Elements! I bought it in November and need to find a class!

This does not mean I have no more ways to improve myself! I decided in 2008 to quit being so hard on myself, and have really worked on that. I am not perfect, but I am not all that bad. I have a handsome, sweet husband, a big, smart , handsome son, 2 great dogs, and a fantastic family. I am so very blessed! I intend to embrace each day.

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