Sunday, December 21, 2008

What a week...

High points from this week:
1. AC/DC Thursday night (thanks to Baby Brother for the early Christmas gift!) These guys maybe AARP members, but they have stayed true to their rocking roots and still can give a great show! The picture is Angus showing us how it is DONE!
2. NC Dance Theater presentation of the Nutcracker Saturday matinee. Magical, exuberant, excellent way to reconnect with the child-like view of the Holiday season. Over 100 dancers in the cast, all did a fantastic job. Thanks to best-ever boss for the tickets!
3. Judy and Tammy loved their handbags. I love giving gifts!
4. Man-cub got home, posted EXCELLENT grades for the semester.
5. Handsome hubby continues to recover with his new hip.

Now the downside:
1. Still need to obtain a few more gifts for relatives. We drew names this year, to minimize expenses and waste, so I want to make sure we get them something they will like!
2. Man-cub is sick. Can't get into the doctor until tomorrow.
3. Even though I am glad to have a 2 week vacation, I am still worried about the future of my job. Will I have it through this time next year? Not looking good for the remaining few domestic textile mills.

Still, today is the Winter Solstice, the sun is out and I am going to keep a positive outlook. I have about 30 minutes to a completed quilt top, and that is something I greatly look forward to!

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