Monday, December 15, 2008

Shameless self-promotion

YAY! My fabric mecca (MaryJo's of Gastonia) is featuring my work on their Community pages here. This is for Tuesday, December 16. I am so excited!

Also a little promotion for a friend: Jeff Welch of Luna Cycles won the Men's B 40+ race at Cyclocross National Championships in Kansas City!Great job and congratulations!

I now have 3 days left to go into work this year. I am off from Dec 19-Jan 5. I sure hope the mill is still open so I can go back! With the current economic woes, I can't take it for granted. We have dramatically scaled back the Christmas gifts this year. We are drawing names with my husband's family this year and plan to so with my family next year. We are all so very blessed and none of us "need" any trinkets or tchotckes to add to our clutter. It is enough to have each other and the opportunity to be together. All I want for Christmas for myself is time to rest, a complete night's sleep and time to sew. For the earth as a whole, I want Peace, Compassion and Love.

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