Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The calm of December

No, we haven't had any of the wintery wet stuff the rest of the country seems to be getting, but it has been ccccoooolllldddd! And joy, of joys: our furnace went out today! But, we have the wood stove downstairs and the fireplace upstairs and the chimney sweep came yesterday so we can hold on til the furnace man comes tomorrow! Whew!
My gifts are all wrapped, the turkey is in the fridge, the last grocery list is on the counter. Hubby's hip is healing and the Man-cub is on antibiotics for bronchitis. The calm of December is here. I really like this time, the way that there is a stillness in the night, the hum of humanity seems less. I feel more connected to the season. It is refreshing, this peace of winter. We have enjoyed gathering with friends today, taking part in the age-old tradition of wishing each other "Merry Christmas", toasting the passing of this year and stating goals for the next. These threads of our friendships are so precious. It is fitting, then, to take these occasions to just celebrate being, and being together.
We will gather at my Mother-in-law's tomorrow for my hubby's family Christmas, then my parents, brother, sister-in-law, mother-in-law and any others who arrive will gather here on Christmas Day. We will eat, laugh, hug, and enjoy each other. My Christmas wish: that the peace and stillness of this season will inspire more peace and love throughout the world.

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